Back in 2009 Braulio Estima, along with Steve Fan had a vision! That vision was to create a world class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition in the UK for both kids & adults.

Braulio had (and still is) competed all over the world in some of the best competitions and wanted to share his experience with the whole Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community.

Steve assisted Braulio with his vision and together, with both of their knowledge, experience and commitment, they created the UK’s largest event of its kind, BJJ British Open. This soon advanced to the No Gi British Open, which was established the following year.

The first ever BJJ British Open was held in Birmingham, UK with 400 competitors from all over the country. Today, 8 years on, the competition has grown immensely and this year we are expected to see over 1600 competitors attend from all over the world!

Thank you once again for to everyone for your support in helping the British Grappling community grow, lets all keep this legacy alive!!

RIP Steve Fan, you will always be missed.
(1966 – 2011)